Finland, a Land of a Thousand Lakes

Finland has over 188,000 lakes and around 180,000 islands. There is no scenery more Finnish than a summer cottage by the lake surrounded by emerald green forest. Over 90% of Finland is covered in either forest or water, with nature being a huge part of their identity, and a significant source of wellbeing for millions of Finns.

The Scandanavian country is the home to the cleanest water in the world, something which is a source of national pride for many Finns. Lakeland Finland is the largest of four regions into which the geography of Finland is divided. It is a blue labyrinth of lakes, islands, rivers and canals, interspersed with forests and ridges, stretching hundreds of kilometres in a placid and staggeringly beautiful expanse.

The best way of experiencing the Lakeland is to slow down and try the iconic Finnish triad of cottages, saunas and water. Peace of mind is guaranteed.

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Why we love Finland, a Land of a Thousand Lakes

Finland is the perfect destination for a motorsports getaway! The KymiRing Circuit is located in Lakeland Finland, just a two hour drive from Helsinki Airport.

Once you have arrived in the capital Helsinki, by plane or ferry, just continue approximately two hours to the KymiRing area by car, train or bus. Getting around in Finland is easy and ecological. Finland’s public transport is reliable and runs smoothly.

KymiRing is situated at Tillola in the municipality of Litti. The nearest cities are Lahti and Kouvola - driving time from Lahti to KymiRing takes 45 minutes and from Kouvola it takes 15 minutes.

Street address: Kymentie 748, Kausala

KymiRing is situated at Tillola in the municipality of Litti. The nearest cities are Lahti and Kouvola - driving time from Lahti to KymiRing takes 45 minutes and from Kouvola it takes 15 minutes.

Street address: Kymentie 748, Kausala

Where to sleep

Useful information

General information:

  • Capital city: Helsinki
  • Currency: Euro (symbol: €, code: EUR)
  • Electric plug type: C & F
  • Language: Finnish, Swedish
Important telephone numbers:

Emergency services: 112

    Weather: Around 100 days of summer. June – August, temperatures +15°C – +32°C

    Finding the right accommodation

    Spend the night by the stunning Lake Päijänne or at a city hotel in Kouvola, Lahti or Helsinki. Choose between a lakeside cottage, a B&B on a cosy farm, a modern city hotel or a design villa with all mod cons, an affordable apartment hotel, a manor house or even a houseboat, which you can anchor by a sandy lagoon beach! The choice is yours! You can find these and many other accommodation alternatives in the Lahti region. For the duration of MotoGP™’s visit, there will also be many pop-up campsites and other special accommodations in the vicinity of KymiRing Circuit.

    Exploring Lahti and Lakeland Finland

    Did you know that when viewed from the south, Lahti is the first real lakeside city and Lake Vesijärvi is the most southern body of water in Lakeland Finland? The heart of the Lakeland opens up from Vesijärvi through the Vääksy canal: Lake Päijänne, which provides drinking water for one million Finns.

    Lake Päijänne, the jewel in the crown of Lakeland Finland, is the second-largest lake in Finland and the most significant source of clean water. The islands of Päijänne National Park were formed by the Ice Age, and the shoreline services will mean you will never want to leave. Here, you can dip your feet in the true water of Lakeland Finland!

    Regarding Lahti, Lahti Harbour is the place where you will meet the local Lahti residents, especially in the summer. The harbour is full of restaurants and cafés, many of which are open all year round. The crowning jewel of the harbour is Sibelius Hall where concerts and cultural events are organised. You can also spot other wooden architecture buildings in the harbour area, and as we are in the harbour, you can hop on the deck of a cruise ship.

    Tips for visiting Lahti and Finland

    Nature activities, sports, wellbeing, Nordic urban and local life, wood and industrial design, Nordic flavours, unique villas, manors and cottages by the lake. The Lahti region offers all of these. The area is all about beautiful lakes and forests, but also busy farmer’s markets, local summer events and authentic Finnish lifestyle & culture.

    Top 5 things to do

    1. Hot Sauna
    2. Swim in a pure Lake
    3. Taste local beer, cider or whiskey
    4. Enjoy a lake cruise
    5. Taste local strawberries
    Authentic Finnish Sauna

    Finland is home to more than 3 million saunas: electric saunas, wood-burning saunas, smoke saunas, peat saunas – you name it! The Lahti region offers a wide range of sauna options, from hotel saunas to cottage saunas, with guidance and food. If you want to explore even more, we recommend traditional Finnish sauna treatments or even sauna yoga.

    Nordic Flavours

    The local flavours here come from the arctic Finnish environment and four seasons: rhubarb and nettles are the first delicacies to appear in spring, fresh vegetables and fish are served in summer, berries in early autumn and game and mushrooms in late autumn. Wild game and fresh fish can be enjoyed throughout the year.

    The Lahti region is famous for its delicious rye bread. Lahti is also home to the large-scale Hartwall brewery as well as several microbreweries.

    In Lahti, water and the terrain create an environment that is unique even by international standards. The Salpausselkä ridges and eskers left behind by the last Ice Age contain nationally significant reservoirs of groundwater. Filtered through thick layers of gravel and sand, the pure groundwater provides the best tap water in Finland and is a key component in food production. Later, the best tap water in the world is turned into world-class whisky, beer and wine.

    Did you know?

    Midnight Sun - 24/7 daylight

    Summer in Finland is a spectacular time of the year. When nights are almost as light as day, it is possible to do all the same things that you would do during the day. A nocturnal swim and sauna is a definite must under the Midnight Sun in the warmer waters in the summer months.